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abilgayle'S STORY

On August 16th, 2015 our daughter Abigayle was admitted to our local hospital with a fever of 108.9 degrees C and unable to move her left leg. After 3 days of tests and observation she was transferred to McMaster Hospital in Hamilton to determine what was causing these conditions.


September 17th, 2015, after 31 days of tests, tests and more tests our family’s worst nightmare became reality. Abigayle was diagnosed with Stage IV of a rare and aggressive form of cancer named Neuroblastoma. The news was crushing to us as well as Abigayle’s 3 older sisters Faith, Ashley and Samantha.


So many things crossed our mind. What will doctors do to help her? How much time will she be in hospital? Who will watch our older daughters while we are away with Abigayle for treatment, tests and check-ups? How can Abigayle’s mother still own and operate a daycare while keeping Abigayle safe and away from possible infections (day care had to be closed to protect Abigayle)? How much time will Abigayle’s dad miss from work?


Just shy of 5 years, treatment and tests across 4 different hospitals (3 in Ontario, Canada and 1 in Grand Rapids, Michigan) our Foo Fighting Warrior Princess and Waterloo’s Toughest Cookie is still fighting. Not all days have been good, some absolutely devastating, but there has been some great days as well. One day we will not forget is the day Val Saturno reached out to our family to introduce himself and We Fund Care.


He told us about why he started We Fund Care. To honor his son who fought bravely with dignity, but lost his fight to cancer. The financial difficulties his family went through while dealing with mounting expenses at home and to do his best to help any family in the same situation so they do not have to go through that as well.


We Fund Care has helped our family immensely with support to cover fuel and meals while Abigayle continues to fight daily for her life. Having that financial support from We Fund Care is one less stress for us while we continue to do everything we can to support Abigayle and her sisters. It is great comfort to know they are there and helping.


Thank you We Fund Care for everything you have done and continue to do to help us.

- The Lobsingers


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