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In July of 2012, at the young age of 4, my son Nevan was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Our lives were sent into a tailspin, but we battled through 2 years of active treatment to get Nevan cancer free.  Unfortunately in Dec of 2015, the Leukemia returned and Nevan is once again in the middle of a much harsher 2 yr treatment protocol. Over the years we met so many other families fighting a similar battle. We saw the anguish, stress and heartache and we needed to do something. That is when I started Go Gold Cambridge. We hold an annual fundraiser in support of all of our Cambridge families with children fighting cancer. During our first year when this was only an idea, Val Saturno from the Ryan Saturno Patient Ammenities Fund reached out to us to help bring this idea to reality. Along with Work for a Cure, Val sponsored the most generous prize ever... a trip for a family of four ANYWHERE they wanted to go!! With this we raised over $30k in support of our families in just 4 short weeks!  Without his kindness and generosity, our fundraiser would never have been so successful. Not only did Val and RSPAF reach out to help with the fundraiser, but he has reached out to each of our families as well. He is one of our biggest rallyers and will always lift us up with his words of praise, love and support. Whether in raising money, cheering us on or simply making sure we know he is there when we need him, Val Saturno and the RSPAF has been an unwavering and much needed support for all of our families. Please support him and his goal of making sure that all these families and any future families always get the help they need. 

- Anita & Go Gold Cambridge

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