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On April 3rd, 2023, we took Leena to Sick Kids ER for what we thought would be a quick visit. Within 24 hours she was diagnosed with a form of children’s cancer called Neuroblastoma. Diagnosed as high-risk stage 4 cancer, she was admitted to the hospital immediately. Things moved very quickly & on April 5th Leena began her first round of chemotherapy. Leenas entire treatment plan was originally expected to be 18 months, however, that has now been extended closer to about 2 years due to her requiring extra rounds of chemotherapy. 


Leena is currently 6 months into her treatment plan & the financial toll it has taken on our family hasn't been easy. We were told about We Fund Care by another family impacted by paediatric cancer & we are so grateful to them for their assistance. It's not easy to ask or seek help when you are in this position, but we are forever grateful to We Fund Care who supports families like ours who face the harsh reality of dealing with paediatric cancer. Thank you for all that you do & making things a little easier for us.

- The Cardozo Family


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